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Article Writing Made Easy Employing the Appropriate Skills

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Article writing is a common academic writing exercise for students. The dramatic pervasion of the Internet also provides articles writing opportunities not only for students.

Articles writing require the use of good writing skills and creativity. Appropriate skills used in the writing of articles ensure that article provides a satisfactory reading experience to the targeted audience.

Appropriate skills in the writing of articles

Good article writing requires the use of the skills listed below.

  • Thorough research of the subject matter is required for the writing of articles. While conducting the research make notes of the important substance of the subject matter.
  • Subsequently read the notes and decide what will be used in the article and how it will be presented.
  • The key to good presentation in article writing is simplicity and clarity. Hence use simple words and construct sentences and paragraphs of the article to deliver clarity. 
  • The article length is guided by the requirements of the assignment. However, in the absence of such requirements restrict the length of the article to three pages or 750 words. 
  • The opening of the article is the clincher to ensure that the targeted audience continues reading the article. Pay special attention to the planning of the opening few sentences of the article and develop it in an attractive manner.
  • In the restricted space of three pages it will be possible to include only four or five main points. Choose these points deliberately with the objective of maintaining reader interest and present the points logically to provide as clear a picture of the subject matter of the article writing. 
  • Close strongly to avoid the reader felling be strung in mid-air.

Using these skills will ensure good article writing.

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