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Simple Complexity of Article Writing Process: Some Tips

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Do you know what article writing process is about?

You have probably read a whole multitude of articles in your life and you are not different from anybody else. Reading news articles, articles on celebrity life, scholarly articles, etc., have you ever wondered about the rules of article writing process?

Can you state that you know what the process of writing articles demands and what it gives? If yes, this article refreshes your mind. If no, sit back and let the basics of article writing process be introduced to you in a simple way.

Catch attention and you win

First, an article is all about presenting information to the people so that they can easily comprehend it and use for their purposes. Accordingly, article writing process should start with catching the reader’s attention and making him/her stop by and take time to read the article. A catching title is the first step towards ensuring that your article writing process will be appreciated not only by the author. Second, according to Bob Harrison from the California University, most readers decide on further reading of the article by the abstract or introduction.

So, in the process of article writing do not be lazy and do your best to formulate all the milestone argument of your piece of work in an abstract or an introduction.

Remind what they have read

If you are lucky enough to have a person proceed reading your work further than the introduction, consider this the first success in the article writing process. Build the body of the article in the logic way not to let the reader stop reading halfway and conclude your article writing process just like this.

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