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Diversity Dissertations: Discover the World’s Variety!

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If you are to write a diversity dissertation, you may consider yourself a lucky person. Dissertations on diversity are one of the most exciting dissertation types to write, since they deal with an endless variety of human qualities that are defined by different cultural, religious, ethnical and other backgrounds. If you are lost at the perspective of writing a dissertation on diversity, read on and find out how to make it enjoyable!

Diversity Dissertations: Establish the Background

When planning your dissertation on diversity, keep the following points in mind:

  • diversity comes in a whole variety of issues, ranging from religion and culture to age, gender, and physical ability;
  • due to the aforementioned variety, be ready to take a multidisciplinary approach to writing your dissertation on diversity;
  • having chosen the general area for your diversity dissertation, conduct a multifaceted secondary sources research to formulate the possible topics of interest for yourself.

Diversity Dissertations: Look for the Topic

Choosing a good topic is crucial for success of your dissertation on diversity, therefore consider the following:

    • Choose a general area within your studying program or taken from real-life experience that you found especially interesting for yourself;
    • Start reading research literature to single out a specific problem within the general area that you would like to research in your diversity dissertation;
    • Identify gaps in the available literature or the new ways to look at already existing issues of diversity.

      Diversity Dissertations: Involve in the Process

      Typically, you will follow a standard working pattern when creating your dissertation on diversity:

      • Research a sufficient amount of material including both primary and secondary sources, conduct field study if necessary;
      • Consult your supervisor continuously for revision and guidance on your dissertation;
      • Write your dissertation including such obligatory sections as summary; introduction; theoretical and practical context; presentation, discussion, and analysis of your specific research topic; conclusion; and bibliography;
      • Check for proper referencing of all sources to avoid plagiarism.
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