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Important Aspects for Writing a Drama Dissertation

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There are several important points which one should consider when writing a drama dissertation. These points will help you plan and write a drama dissertation in the best possible and most effective manner.

Drama Dissertation Length (word count) – The length of the drama dissertation will be determined by the course level:

    1. An Undergraduate drama dissertation will not exceed a word count of 10,000 words. This is the maximum length of an undergraduate drama dissertation and it is not important to write all the 10,000 words. This is the maximum word count and one can write less than the maximum limit.
    2. A graduate drama dissertation at the Masters level should not exceed a word count limit of 15, 000 words. The word count can be less than this limit but should never be more that the set limit.
    3. A post graduate drama dissertation (M.Phil) generally has a word count limit of 60,000 words and the number of words should not exceed this word limit.
    4. A Ph.D. level drama dissertation should not exceed the maximum limit of 100,000 and it is essential to write within but not beyond this word limit.

      The best approach for writing a drama dissertation

      Writing a drama dissertation is a step-by-step process which requires appropriate planning and research. As such, it is essential for you to adopt a suitable approach when writing it.

      1. Select a drama dissertation topic which interests you. The topic could be a play, a work of theater or a drama issue which has been on your mind and motivates you to write.
      2. Choose your subject wisely and develop a thesis surrounding it
      3. Make sure you consult your supervisor at all stages of your thesis development and in all the preliminary stages of your drama dissertation so that you do not have to change anything at later more advanced stages.
      4. Finally, schedule your time devote sufficient time to your research and writing.
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