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How to Make Effective English Report Writing?

English report writing help

Irwin Cotler says, “Exhaustive report — the most comprehensive of its kind ever written — has revealed new information about this case.” Students studying English literature courses will be assigned English report writing assignment to understand their knowledge and opinion about a book.

English report writing involves providing summary of a book concluded with the student’s opinion about the book. Students should learn to write effective English report writing in order to get high grades in their classes.

English Report Writing: Tips to Be Considered

In order to write effective English report writing assignment, students must consider the following tips:

  • Reading & analyzing the contents of the assigned book is very important.
  • Preparing an outline of the report enables the students to write a complete and effective report.
  • English report writing must include the following sections in order - Title Page, Acknowledgments, Abstract, Contents Page, Introduction, Report body, Conclusions, Recommendations and Bibliography. Appendices section is optional.
  • Report should include author’s information, story setting, characters, and plot summary of the book.
  • Report body should be well structured with findings, description and facts. 
  • Report conclusion section should include the student’s opinion about the book.

English Report Writing: How to Make It Better?

  • Report must be in written in correct format, spelling and grammar. It must be organized properly, and presented according to the teacher's requirement.
  • Report must be expressed effectively.
  • Report must reveal that the student has understood the vital information of the book.

English report writing assignments are assigned to students to judge and improve their writing abilities and to assess their analysis skills and critical thinking skills. Using the above tips, students can produce effective English report writing.

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