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Financial Report Writing: Major Format and Style Requirements

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Financial report writing is a very specific type of writing, which differs much from the traditional essays written by the students. Financial report writing does not demand creativity or imagination; this type of writing is based on strict rules, which are to be followed by its author.

Financial report writing: Style

The main point about financial report writing is a formal style. Despite the fact that this requirement seems to be obvious, the students often make a lot of mistakes connected to the style in financial report writing. Thus, let us remind the main requirements of this style:

  1. Long sentences. Make sure your financial report writing does not deal with too short sentences, as it is unacceptable in formal style.
  2. Passive voice. Use passive constructions in the process of financial report writing; this will make your paper sound academically and officially.
  3. Full words. Avoid using contractions during the financial report writing. This is a vivid feature of informal style.

Financial report writing: Format

As far as financial report writing is an unusual writing task, its format is sometimes different from the traditional one. As a rule, the format rules are defined by the educational establishments; however, there are some general features:

  • Margins. The financial report writing process is realized in a document with the margins of 1 inch from each side.
  • Tables. Financial report writing often involves inclusion of various tables with financial data. The main requirement to the table is that it has to fit the rest of the page after the text’ otherwise, it needs to be shifted to the new page.
  • Formulae. The calculations, which are unavoidable in financial report writing, need to fit the set margins of the document; in addition, every formula has to have its number and be explained in the report.
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