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MBA Dissertation Titles: How to Choose the Right One

MBA dissertation title help

Now that your MBA course is drawing to a close, you face the responsible and exciting task of completing your MBA dissertation. If you feel at a loss, no need to panic!

Start at the very beginning and choose a good title for your MBA dissertation — that would be half of your success! Read on and find out how to complete this initial stage of choosing the right MBA dissertation title.

MBA Dissertation Title: What Could Be the Hindrance to Finding It?

The list of reasons for your difficulties in finding a good MBA dissertation title is endless. Here are but a few:

  • you are not interested in or passionate about the subject and field of study at all;
  • your supervisor does not take personal interest in the ideas suggested by you;
  • the titles you choose are not original and have been already covered;
  • you do not have enough time or sources to cover the titles you choose;
  • you do not have good contact with your supervisor.

MBA Dissertation Title: How to Solve the Problems?

The aforementioned difficulties sufficiently hinder your search for MBA dissertation title, so make sure you solve them as soon as possible. Below are some solutions:

  • take a personal interest in the subject/field of study or change it completely;
  • ask your supervisor for the specific ideas of interest and work out how you could fit them with your professional interest;
  • look for fresh ideas for your MBA dissertation title in real-life practice;
  • choose realistic tasks, narrow too broad ones;
  • change the supervisor.

In general, finding a good MBA dissertation title is all about being new, original, and interesting to both yourself and the academic community. Therefore you may try to find inspiration in already existing MBA dissertation titles and, basing on them, work out new issues to solve in your research.

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