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Research Paper Bibliography: How to Define the Correct Order

research paper bibliography help

What is actually research paper bibliography and what structure does it have? Research paper bibliography is a list of sources provided in alphabetical order which have been used while writing a research paper. If you create a piece of research work, you usually study books, so research paper bibliography is an integral part of your masterpiece.

Usually it contains all scientific works which you refer to in your academic article or thesis. The forms of sources in research paper bibliography can range from newspapers, books and magazines to Internet sites and CD ROMs. In general, research paper bibliography can include the whole potential of a library and Web.

With the help of bibliography we acknowledge not only our sources, but the whole scientific information taken from the books, which have been used in our research work. Research paper bibliography is also important not only for the author of the article but for reader as well. By means of research paper bibliography they can consult to the sources.

Plagiarism is a real threat to the author of a scientific research who forgot to include research paper bibliography in his or her work.

To put a source into the list of bibliographies you need first of all to write down all the details of the source somewhere on additional sheet of paper in the following order for each source:

  • author;
  • full title;
  • place of publication;
  • publisher;
  • date of publication.

The next step is to make a list of bibliographies in an alphabetical order by authors’ last names. The sources which do not have authors such as encyclopedias should be also stated alphabetically by their titles. Making a list of research paper bibliography is a piece of cake if you follow all the tips mentioned above.

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