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How to Write a Winning Research Paper Introduction

research paper introduction help

Even before you get started with the project, consider the research paper instruction as an inverted pyramid that has a broad overview but a narrow thesis.  A research paper introduction tries to make clear your stand in the subject matter to the reader without imposing facts.

When you are coming up with a research paper introduction, what is the greatest point to bear in mind?  That the research paper introduction is the gateway to the rest of the research and that it is what gives the reader the first impression, which is often the most important thing.  Although it may not have a word limit, a research paper introduction is supposed to be concise, relevant and definitive.Factors to consider when writing research paper introduction

The informational background

Just like any famous Hollywood movie, your research paper introduction must first set the scene and define how your points will be aligned in the research paper.  Stick to the relevant information, make the research paper introduction short and define the problem without addressing the solution.  This will leave the reader yearning for the research body to find the solution.

Importance of the research

Be sure to state how vital your research work is in the research paper introduction, revealing points and facts that are normally overlooked and why your research is more significant than any other.  Do this by laying the objectives bare while writing the research paper introduction but make your course of research unpredictable, otherwise the readers will get bored even before they leave the introduction part.

Organization of the research paper introduction

What order should a winning research paper take?  If writing the research paper introduction makes you go outside your initial plan, go with the flow and do not be too limited and rigid on ideas.  Adjust the introduction accordingly and note aside any new points and ideas that come up as you write.  Clearly defining the problem in the research paper introduction will also assist you when writing the conclusion because it will be easy to refer to where you started off.

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