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Research Paper Rubric: A Checklist for Success

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In the narrow sense, research paper rubric is similar to ‘document heading’. In a more broad sense, research paper rubrics are certain prescribed guidelines or instructions for writing an academic research paper. On the one hand, demands to academic writing are high; on the other hand, those demands are more or less standard within the general academic community.

Therefore, the following research paper rubrics can be used as a model for writing your paper with less strain and much more efficiency. Note that professors usually apply similar research paper rubrics for grading your assignments, so take the time to check your paper against it and make sure all requirements are satisfied.

Research Paper Rubric: Content

In this research paper rubric attention is paid to the quality of information you include in your paper. The following is considered:

  • a clear, concise, specific, and provable thesis statement;
  • sufficient support topics that necessarily develop the thesis;
  • relevant evidence in support of your arguments.

Research Paper Rubric: Structure and Organization

This research paper rubric focuses on the layout of your paper and considers:

  • the introduction containing the general background, the hook, and the thesis statement;
  • the body containing paragraphs that directly refer to the thesis, have own topic and support sentences, and are logically arranged and joined by transitions;
  • the conclusion that restates the thesis, summarizes the paper and provides reflections and insights;
  • other format requirements including the title page and the references page, etc.

Research Paper Rubric: Language and Style

In this research paper rubric the following is assessed:

  • correct and varied sentence structure;
  • precise and rich vocabulary;
  • appropriate, specific, clear, and personal voice.

Research Paper Rubric: Mechanics

This research paper rubric pays attention to your grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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