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Choosing the Proper Research Paper Titles

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Nomen est omen, says a famous Latin proverb, meaning “the name predicts the fate”. If it works with human names, can it be valid for the research paper titles? In any case, giving a title to a research paper is of no lesser importance than writing the paper itself.

Not only do the research paper titles convey information about the work, but also attracts the attention of the reader. Therefore, in order to prevent your writing from being archived on dusty shelves it is extremely important to choose a catchy and informative title for the research paper.

Research Paper Title: What Is It Like?

Sometimes the title of a research paper is designed far before it is written. In case your situation is different, you can think of several points to cover:

How long? The basic rule is that the title of a research paper should not be too long; in general, if the title is a complex sentence, the reader should not be bored by reading it. However, the short names consisting of two or three words are also inappropriate, as the style is not publicistic.

What style? Essentially, research paper is a serious piece of writing, and the title of a research paper should also be serious enough. That is why formal language is mainly used.

What should it contain? A research paper title is a short representation of the main idea of the work. Yet it should not be confused with the thesis statement: this one is better not to be revealed from the very beginning.

How to make it attractive? Catching the reader’s interest is a quality of paramount importance for research paper titles. To achieve this, several strategies can be applied:

  1. Use questions. Questions involve the readers in conversation with the authors. Therefore, it can be useful to include some short questions in the research paper titles.
  2. Giving quotations. Even the most boring research paper title can be improved by a relevant quotation given below it. Express the idea of your work with the words of a famous person, and your work will be destined to be successful.
  3. Subdivision. If your research paper title is rather long, you can subdivide it into smaller parts. It can be done with the help of different punctuation marks, which can break a long sentence into several intonation groups.

Choosing a title for a research paper is an important part of the work, which cannot be underestimated. It should match the work just like a head completes the body. After all, your research paper is a result of your labor, and it is of your interest to give it a proper name. That is why try to take into consideration the mentioned points while choosing a title for your research paper.

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