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Writing Article Reviews: Do Not Simply Summarize, Be Creative

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Do you think that critics are trained to tear the works of writers and scientists to tatters? It is, certainly, not true. Critics are creators, writing article reviews proves this.

Their aim is to show the merits of the analyzed work. If there are drawbacks, critics should not turn a blind eye to them. Still, the aim is not to speculate and sponge on somebody’s creativity but to show their own fresh ideas that will help the audience to get at the content of the article.

When your task is writing article review, you get a chance to be in a critic’s shoes. You should arm yourself with logic and objectivity. Do not find fault with the article while writing article review. Do not put on the mask of a strict critic, objectivity should guide you in writing article review.

If you want to produce a good review, you should stick to several rules while writing article reviews.

  • Do not reduce your review to the presentation of summary of the article. In this case, you are not a critic any more, you are stealing the intellectual property of the writer and you are reinventing the wheel. Make the summary of the article as brief as possible while writing article review.
  • Remember: analysis is the purpose of writing article reviews. 
  • Sound logical. Show the merits of the work, justify the topicality of the research and the novelty of the material. It is high time to praise the writer, do not stint your praise while writing article review.
  • After praise, it is high time to bring the author back to earth. You should not be responsible for his superiority complex. Show him his drawbacks; nobody is ideal. Writing article reviews can show him his weak points and even inspire him to create a new work. See, how useful writing article reviews can be. 
  • You may add something personal writing article review. The review is the sign of your creativity as well.      
  • Writing article reviews should also inspire the audience to read articles more attentively.
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