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Articles Are Like Micro Books. Why Cannot They Be Sold?

writing articles for money help

Writing articles for money is regarded to be a negative trend. Many people think that those who write articles for money sell their conscience. Is it so? Is it so bad?

Negative features of writing articles for money

Of course, sometimes some people write articles for money which hide or misinterpret the truth. This can lead to negative consequence. For example, a journalist is asked to write an article (for money, of course) about some new product which is not safe in reality, but the article should reveal only positive features of the product.

Unfortunately, there are still journalists who can do such a thing. Thus, the public will be deceived and some people can be even harmed. This, scenario is highly negative. But, basically, it is left in dim 1990s.

Positive features of writing articles for money

But the former example is not the rule. In the majority of cases when a journalist is asked to write an article (for money, as well) he/she implement some investigation which reveals the truth. And in this case the journalist decides whether he/she will sell his soul to the Devil or he will promulgate the truth. In the majority of cases the Devil gets nothing.

Another situation is very common: a journalist is asked to write for money an article which coincides with his/her own ideas. Why not to take the money for something you believe in? Fortunately, at present even in school particular attention is paid to developing media literacy in children and adults. Thus, writing an article for money becomes safe since people always understand the degree of reliability of this or that article. So, the money for the article is spent in vain.

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