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If you were wondering, how to write a bibliography, is here to share the secrets of writing. A BIBLIOGRAPHY is an alphabetic list of sources used to write a paper, whether it is an essay or a dissertation. Bibliographies are vital to demonstrate on one hand that you did not plagiarize and steal pieces of someone's research, and on the other - to show that you acknowledge the previously conducted investigations.


They used to be once a mere listing of sources. Today you can be asked to use interviews and speeches, video and audio in your bibliographies.

A SIMPLE BIBLIOGRAPHY, like a research paper bibliography, for example, will need to meet several important standards. It should be in the end of your paper. It has to match the requirements of a particular writing style (if you do not know, what they are, turn to a special manual). And it has to list all the used sources. When listing the sources alphabetically, go by authors' last names. As to sources that have no authors, place them alphabetically by title.

An ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY is the same listing of sources, with one exception. When writing an annotated bibliography, every separate source should contain your critical and evaluative comment. It should explain the scope of work, its format and content. Comment on the value of the particular source, and its audience. Share your impression.


  • To make it easier, keep track of all sources from the very beginning.
  • Do not make annotated bibliographies longer than 150 words per source.
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