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From a film critique to writing an art critique - the main point of this assignment is to teach you give constructive and professional feedback, evaluate the paper objectively. Most usually you will be assigned one of three critique papers.

A BOOK CRITIQUE. By no doubt, there is so much to analyze in literature. This is why, when writing a book critique, make it look like a critical analysis. Suppress emotions and focus on quality and significance. Interpret the meaning. Tell what the author's purpose of writing the book was. Analyze the writer's style. Did the book strike the goal in the end, and would you recommend it to anybody else?

When it comes to MOVIE CRITIQUES, take notes while watching. They will be helpful while writing a movie critique. Allusions to key moments, the screenwriting peculiarities, portrayal of characters, the set and filming - in movie critique everything counts and everything matters. After noting the basic plot, focus on details.

Finally, you may be assigned an ART CRITIQUE. After basic description of author, title of work and its location, focus your art critique on analysis. Evaluate elements of art and principles of design. Identify the hook, something that draws attention and evokes the first impression. Interpret the work of art.


  • You have to read a book to be able to critique it. You have to watch a movie to be able to write about it.
  • Stay professional. Instead of being subjective and emotional, focus on the technical parts.
  • A typical text structure with Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion is applicable to the critique.
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