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This is what most of the students think. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it. Essay writing stays one of the most favorite and most frequently assigned tasks!


Everything is not that simple. There is a certain purpose behind each essay type! For example, if assigned to prepare a persuasive essay paper, you have to show how skillfully you can make someone accept your standpoint and prove it is the only right one! When talking about expository essays, the main purpose is to make you think, learn expressing your thoughts logically. Do you still think essay writing is a useless assignment?

And these are just several essay types. We can list more than 10 types, each designed to develop certain skills and abilities!

Ok, what if you do not have time? This is also possible. Then, there are three ways out:

  1. You start looking for essay help, guides, tips etc. and try tom come up with a decent essay on your own.
  2. You search for an essay online that can be used as an example (do not even think of copying it - plagiarism is a serious offence).
  3. You can buy a custom essay!

Well, as to the first two, there is no 100% certainty this will work.

What about custom essays? Can they really save the situation?

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